KIN 140 Chapter 1: An Invitation to Health - Quiz

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Biomedical Physio & Kines
BPK 140
Diana Bedoya

Chapter 1 True/False 1. The First Nations Medicine Wheel is identical for all Aboriginal groups in Canada. ANSWER: F different but related versions 2. The Canadian Population Health Initiative (CPHI) looks at the social and economic forces that shape the health of Canadians. ANSWER: T goes beyond traditional understanding of causes of health and illness POINTS: 3. ParticipACTION was a marketing and health communications success story which increased Canadians’ awareness of benefits to regular physical activity. ANSWER: T combination of strategies had positive results 4. The average life expectancy for males born in Canada in 2002 is 82.1 years and for females is 77.2 years. ANSWER: F opposite – women have longer life expectancy 5. Many risk factors for disease , such as high blood pressure and cholesterol, decline steadily as level of education increases. ANSWER: T education influences lifestyle choices and access Multiple Choice 1. The concept of holism is evident in the First Nations view of Bimaadiziwin. The following is true about Bimaadiziwin: a. try to live ‘everyday good living’ in line with the teachings of community leaders b. the reciprocal relationship between ourselves and Mother Earth provides us with the phzsical and spiritual sustenance necessary for life c. decisions regarding health and wellness must rest with the medical profession d. all of the above ANSWER: B Highlights interconnection between man and his environment 4. Research into the social determinants of health indicates that the following factors are significant to an individual’s health and wellness status: a. job security and working conditions b. housing and food security c. education and care in early life d. all of the above ANSWER: D All are determinants 5. According to the Trans-theoretical Model of Change, the stage when individuals are aware they have a health behaviour problem and are considering changing that behaviour within the next six months is called: a. Contemplation b. Precontemplation c. Action d. Preparation ANSWER: A Stage at which individuals first be
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