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Simon Fraser University
Biomedical Physio & Kines
BPK 140
Diana Bedoya

Chapter 2 1. Which of the following are true about mental illness? a. It is associated with an increased risk of drug dependency b. Schizophrenics are often outwardly violent c. People with mental illness typically have lower IQs d. It is a rare disease e. Schizophrenics are at a higher risk for multiple personality disorder ANSWER: A True/False 1. In a study of the social and psychological effects of Internet use at home, researchers found that people who spend even a few hours a week online have lower levels of depression and loneliness than those who use the Internet less frequently. ANSWER: F higher levels of depression! 2. The strongest predictor of teen depression may be cigarette smoking ANSWER: T nicotine alters brain chemistry and worsens symptoms of depression POINTS: 3. In Canada, overall mortality rates were similar for men as for women. ANSWER: F 4 times higher for men 4. The Canadian Alliance for Mental Illness and Mental Health (CAMIMH) advocates that preventing discrimination against victims of mental illness should be a top priority in improving the mental health of Canadians. ANSWER: T To help those with mental illness rather than discriminate should be a top priority 5. If you are a student with mental health issues, your best source for identifying local services may be your college or university health unit ANSWER: T Good source of information about mental health services Multiple Choice 1. The spiritual health component of psychological health refers to: a. feelings and moods b. our ability to perceive reality as it is, respond to its challenges, and develop rational strategies for living c. our ability to identify our basic purpose in life, and experience the fulfillment of achieving our full potential d. all of the above ANSWER: C Having a purpose and experiencing fulfillment are cornerstones of spiritual component of mental health 2. According to the (Canadian) General Social Survey (1998): a. time spent alone on an average day increased between 1986 and 1998 for almost every group surveyed b. people who spent a lot of time by themselves were more likely to be very happy with their lives than those who spent little time alone c. Between 1986 and 1998, people only spent more time alone during their leisure time, not during their paid work time d. none of the above statement
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