KIN 140 Chapter 4: Physical Activity for Fitness and Health - Quiz

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Simon Fraser University
Biomedical Physio & Kines
BPK 140
Diana Bedoya

Chapter 4 True/False Indicate whether the statement is true or false. 1. Health Canada’s Physical Activity Unit defines physical activity as all leisure body movement produced by the skeletal muscles and resulting in an increase in energy expenditure. ANSWER: F Also includes non-leisure body movement 2. Research has shown that most schools in Canada offer an average of less than one hour of physical education per week, less than 40% of minimum recommendations. ANSWER: T Reflects inadequacy of current physical education curriculum as a vehicle to meet physical activity needs 3. Canada’s Physical Activity Guide to Healthy Active Living recommends an accumulation of 30 minutes of light physical activity every day to reduce the risk of premature death and disease. ANSWER: F 60 minutes of light- less effort 4. Fitness experts recommend that you exercise at about 30-50 percent of your maximum heart rate to get cardiovascular benefits from your training. ANSWER: F 55-90% 5. Flexibility can make everyday tasks, like bending over to tie and shoe or reaching up to a high shelf, easier and safer. ANSWER: T Musculoskeletal fitness is also important for health Multiple Choice 1. According to a Canadian Fitness and Lifestyle Research Institute Report and Statistics Canada, a gender difference is: a. Women are more likely to hold strong beliefs about benefits of physical activity b. Men are more likely to fully intend to be active in the future c. Men are more likely to cite lack of time, energy, skill as barriers to being active d. Women pump more blood with each heart beat. ANSWER: A Men and women have different perceptions about physical activity 2. The goals of the Physical Activity Unit within Health Canada are to: a. encourage and assist all Canadians to be physically active b. influence positive social and physical environments and opportunities that facilitate the integration of physical activity into daily life c. establish partnerships with government and non-governmental agencies to foster physical activity in Canada d. all of the ab
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