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BPK 142 Study Guide - Final Guide: Latissimus Dorsi Muscle, Adductor Magnus Muscle, Gluteus Maximus MusclePremium

2 pages72 viewsSpring 2018

Biomedical Physio & Kines
Course Code
BPK 142
Brent Flodin
Study Guide

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Movements + Muscles:
Shoulder Girdle
- Upward Rotation: Trapezius, Serratus anterior
- Downward Rotation: Rhomboid
- Protraction: Serratus anterior
- Retraction: Trapezius, Rhomboid
- Elevation: Trapezius, Levator Scapulae (elevates medial margin of scapula)
- Depression
Shoulder Joint
- Flexion: Deltoid (anterior), Pectoralis major
- Extension: Deltoid (posterior), Pectoralis major (when arms move above shoulder level),
Latissimus dorsi
- Horizontal Flexion: Deltoid (anterior), Pectoralis
- Horizontal Extension: Deltoid (middle), Deltoid (posterior), Latissimus dorsi (assists)
- Abduction: Deltoid (middle)
- Adduction: Pectoralis major (when arms move above shoulder level), Latissimus dorsi
- Inward Rotation: Pectoralis major, Latissimus dorsi (assists)
- Outward Rotation
Hip Joint
- Flexion: Iliacus and psoas, Quadriceps
- Extension: Gluteus maximus, Hamstrings
- Abduction: Gluteus medius
- Adduction: Adductor magnus muscle
- Inward Rotation
- Outward Rotation: Gluteus maximus
Elbow Joint
- Flexion: Biceps brachii, Brachialis
- Extension: Triceps brachii
- Supination: Biceps brachii (assists)
- Pronation
- Flexion: Abdominal muscle group, Psoas muscle
- Extension: Erector spinae muscle group
- Lateral Flexion: Abdominal muscle group, Erector spinae muscle group
- Rotation: Erector spinae muscle group
Wrist and Hand Joints
- Flexion: flexor muscles
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