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Simon Fraser University
Biomedical Physio & Kines
BPK 143
Tony Leyland

Unit 1 Study Questions 1 Complete the following relationship genotypeenvironmentphenotype 2 Provide as complete a definition of fitness as you canThe ability to carry out daily tasks with vigour and alertness without undue fatigue and with ample energy to enjoy leisure time and meet unforeseen emergencies 3 The question are you fit can only be correctly answered by the counterquestion fit for what Explain what this statement meansPerforming different types of activities requires different types of fitnessThe football player may not be fit to swim and visa versa therefore You are fit for what you train for as you train different muscle groups for different activities 4 What is the difference between infectious and chronic disease Which are more prevalent todayInfectious disease is caused by a biological agent virus bacterium or parasiteChronic disease is caused by lifestyle smoking drinking lack of exercise dietChronic disease is more prevalent today due to peoples excessive lifestyles and lack of exercise 5 Describe the components of physical fitness Cardiorepiratory enduranceMuscular strengthMuscular enduranceFlexibilityBody compostion Health Related Performance RelatedBody composition Power Cardiovascular endurance Speed and quickness Muscular strength Agility Muscular endurance stamina Balance Flexibility Motor skill coordination and accuracy 6 What are the basic differences between healthrelated and performancerelated components of physical fitnessHealth related are sports related and not essential for general population Performance related activity for the general population to maintain general health 7 Separation of components into healthrelated and performancerelated may not be an ideal model Give one argument on this topicThe general population feel they need not worry about performance but having balance coordination and skill relate to fewer injuries froma falls back injuries ect8 List any 7 of the 10 general physical skills Cardiovascularrespiratory endurancethe body systems ability to gather process and deliver oxygenSpeed ability to minimize the time cycle of a repeated movementthe rate of change of position 1 Muscle Strengthmaximal forcea muscular unit or combination of muscular units ability to apply force Stamina Muscle endurance the body systems ability to process deliver store and utilize energyPowerthe ability of a muscular unit or combination of muscular units to apply maximum force in minimum timeFlexibility ability to maximizeoptimize the range of motion at a given joint Coordinationability to combine several distinct movement patterns into a singular distinct movementAgilityability to minimize transition time from one movement pattern to anotherBalanceability to control the placement of the bodys centre of gravity in relation to its support baseAccuracyability to control movement in a given direction or at a given intensity 9 Physical activity can reduce the risk of an individual developing many diseases Name three such diseasesObesity high blood pressure resistance to insulin elevated levels of blood fat and low levels ofHDLs 10 A friend asks you How much exercise is ideal Provide a brief response and try to quote some physiological evidence in your answerAny exercise is better than none lack of physical activity is detrimental to health and chronic diseases develop more readily in people who do no exercise 11 Explain the open window theoryTCell levels increase when no exercise or too much exercise happen leading to a higher risk of infection as natural killer cells in the body are lowered 12 Compare the advantages and disadvantages of experimental versus epidemiological studies for investigating the relationship between physical activity and healthExperimentala variables must be constant within the groups except the variable of interestBoth groups would have to be identical in their lives Epidemiological compare health of populations as they present themselves without any manipulation have limitations 13 What criteria should be used to evaluate whether an epidemiological study is valid In epidemiological study we compare the health of populations as they present themselves without any manipulation 1 The association between exercise and health must be repeatable reliable 2 The association between exercise and health must be strong ex Exercise reduces heath disease by 50 instead of by 1 3 The association between exercise and health must be logical logical explanation for the association 4 Other obvious factors variables must be shown not to be the cause of the association214 Correlation is not causation Explain the meaning of this statement with respect to research into human fitness and wellness If a physically active group is healthier then a sedentary group it may not be due to physical activityThe active group may eat a healthier diet smoke less get better medical care be emotionally calmer or have better genesThe results of a healthier group may not only be due to a single variable activity but may be due to others independently or combined less smoking healthier diet etc 15 Discuss the process you would adopt to change a personal behaviour First one must progress slowly from a sedentary lifestyleCreate a safe exercise plandont do too much at once or too soonOnly select one target behaviour change at onceFocus on including at least three sessions per week or an aerobic whole body exercise like walking jogging biking or swimmingList your specific goals in your exercise plan 16 Describe the important steps in developing a fitness plan After a couple of weeks since beginning exercise you will see some improvement it is good to o Be SPECIFIC o Make it MEASURABLE o Be ACCEPTABLE o Be REALISTIC o Be TIMELY 17 What does SMART goal setting meanIs the goal specific do you know what how where when with whom and how long you will do thisIs it measurable will you know when it is done can you measure your success or exercise levelWill you feel good about doing this is it acceptable is this your personal goal or is someone else influencing your decisionAre you able to do this is it realistic for you genetic characteristics personal preferences time money and so on all play a roleIt can be difficult to set realistic goals at times but if you give your goals careful consideration you should be okayIs there a dead line attacked to your exercise plan is it timely set short and long term goals and create new goals once old ones are achieved Maslows theory states that once a need or goal is satisfied it no longer motivatesImportant NotesExercise or lack of exercise will affect the levels of hormones in your body your blood lipid profile you body composition and so on 3
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