Tony Leylands Fitness Plan Project *dont copy he keeps them but its a good example

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Biomedical Physio & Kines
BPK 143
Tony Leyland

IntroductionMy name is Maegan Kuruvita I have been in competitive sports at an elite level for five years I am now wrestling for SFU at a varsity level I have also been lifting weights for the past three years I am 53 and 150lbs my phenotype has greatly been influenced by my environment I have a strong upper body due to the past 6 years of wrestling My weight training and wrestling has been consistent throughout the years with only minor time off during slight injuries in season Despite being so short and weighing fairly heavy I dont see myself as endomorphic as I am fairly stalky and muscular As for long term goals I would like to tone muscle and lose adipose tissue in my abdomen My goal for the end of the next 4 months is to weigh 145lbs and maintain strength by gaining lean muscle mass and reducing adipose I would like to increase my muscular endurance for my sport and fast twitch fibres in both upper and lower body while also increasing my cardiovascular endurance I plan on increasing these things by training my muscles in multiple ways I will increase my muscular endurance by lifting weights with high repetitions and maintain and slightly increase strength by adding in hypertrophy exercises I would also increase cardiovascular endurance by running longer and faster on the road and up the mountain crosstraining I have also altered my diet to be orientated to my change in exerciseMy time that will be available will be afternoons during the week or in between classes during school and weekends at any desirable time End of Summer GoalsBy the end of April 2014 I would like to achieve the following Be able to run 2 miles under 16 minutes To reach excellent on the sit and reach test on Tony Leylands ebook Achieve a time of under 8 mins and 30 seconds on the 1 mile testMany of my goals for the next 4 months will include me lifting more weight for more repetitions during my lifting sessions Here are my goals listed for every major muscle andor muscle group and an olympic lifts Olympic LiftsPowerSnatch 115 lbs for 10 reps
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