Biochemistry of Muscle Function and Energy Systems in Muscle Section of the course examining the energy systems used by muscle including the high energy phosphate transfer, glycolysis and aerobic phosphorylation. Also looks at contribution of various sour

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Biomedical Physio & Kines
BPK 205
Russ Tupling

Biochemistry of Muscle Function Energy Systems in MuscleATPH20ADPPienergy 73 kcalmol ATP under ideal conditionsSkeletal muscle is capable of enormous increases in force and velocity and consequently in the rate of ATP hydrolysis or demandIe ATP demand at rest may increase 200fold during contraction Problem in skeletal muscle tissue the concentration of ATP is low in fact only sufficientto sustain maximal muscle contraction for an estimated 2 to 3 secondsTherefore NOT surprising that skeletal possesses a very sophisticated energy metabolic assembly that is able to respond to the highly variable ATP requirements as dictated by exercise intensity ie ATP is continuously regenerated as it is needed for workATP supplyATP demandBioenergeticsBioenergetics the study of how energy is generated in the cell It refers to the metabolic process of converting foodstuffs substrates into ATPCarbohydrates CHOs glucose stored as glycogenFats primarily fatty acids stored as triglyceridesProteins not a primary energy source during exerciseThere are 3 energy ATP delivery systems in muscle High energy phosphate transfer HEPT transfer of a phosphate group from phosphocreatine PCr to ADP to regenerate ATPGlycolysis degradation of glucose or glycogen glycogenolysis found in cytoOx Phosphorylation complete combustion of fats andor CHOsAnaerobic pathwaysDo not involve O2HEPT and glycolysisAerobic pathwaysRequire O2Oxidative phosphorylation
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