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Simon Fraser University
Biomedical Physio & Kines
BPK 340
Stephen Brown

MOTIVATIONoSelf esteem week 3Defn General sense of self satisfactionWays to improveUnconditional AcceptanceConditional Acceptance reinforcing a good behavioroExpectancy Theory week 3RotterBehavior PotentialExpectancy x Reinforcement Value desirabilityVroomMotivation ForceExpectancy x Instrumentality x ValenceExpectancy Probability Perceived effortperformance relationshipInstrumentality probability Perceived performancereward relationshipValence Value individual personally places on rewardsoTheory of Reasoned Action week 4AttitudeSubjective normsIntentionBehavioroTheory of Planned Behavior week 4AttitudeSubjective normsPerceived behavioral controlIntentionBehavioroImplementation IntentionsPlans specifying when where and how a poerson will translate intentions into actionoReactanceWhen people respond by increasing negative health behaviorDue to them viewing advice as a threat to freedom or in response to explicitthreatening languageMETHODOLOGYoAccelerometerPedometers week 5How to wear it rightAttach to waistline directly above kneecapWear it on tight clothingWear in an upright positionBetter as a motivator than a quantifieroSurvey ModesTelephone surveys week 5Decreasing due tooMobile phone increaseoCall screeningblockingoPeople eat more meals out of homeoUnlisted soSingle person homes increase
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