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Biomedical Physio & Kines
BPK 340
Russell Day

7 Questions3 specific questions from material since Midterm 2 5 5 1020 Why are worksite great potentials as settings for promoting health and physical activity slide 5 targets largeof the adult population communication systems already in place people have been in contact for yearsalter work environment can make it easier to be active may have personnel a person responsible for health and safety have existing resources and policies to promote PAWhat are some ways to increase adherence to worksite promoted PA program slide 8 involve incentives increases workers participation worksite exercise competition involving employees and management in planning of activity programsWhat are factors that influence information delivery slide 12 message and program objectivetarget audience source of information context or settingSTRENGTH OF MASS MEDIA CAMPAIGNS What are the 4 main roles mass media can play in promoting health behavioural changes slide 21 ESPS as an education to introduce new ideas as a supporter to reinforce information as a promoter to attract attention to existing programs as a supplement of community based interventions What are the general principles for public health interventions slide 27 NOT SURE DOUBLE CHECK LATER
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