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In email include course number and introduce yourself. Canvas quizzes (8%): based o(cid:374) te(cid:454)t(cid:271)ook (cid:272)hapters, 2 atte(cid:373)pts, 20 (cid:373)i(cid:374), due mo(cid:374)da(cid:455)"s at 2p(cid:373) In-class assignments (12%): 4 total, closed book, 3 individual, 1 group, some are written questions, some are oriented on textbook chapters or videos shown in class. Select a topic from the textbook and apply to real-lie scenario. Group project (15%): visit a real-life business and learn about it, write a report on your learnings. Final exam (30%): focuses on chapters after midterm. Fundamentals of canadian business: highlight = midterm noted. Non-profit organizations: organizations that provide products but do not have the fundamental goal of earning a profit. Examples: ha(cid:271)itat for hu(cid:373)a(cid:374)it(cid:455), salivatio(cid:374) ar(cid:373)(cid:455), spca, bc childre(cid:374)"s hospital fou(cid:374)datio(cid:374) External stakeholders: suppliers, society, government, creditors, shareholders, customers. Factors of production: resources used by businesses to create and sell products: capital, money, human resources, employees, knowledge on employees, natural resources, water, electricity, entrepreneurs (owners)

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