BUS 237 Study Guide - Midterm Guide: Local Area Network, Wireless Lan, Optical Fiber Cable

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BUS 237 Full Course Notes
BUS 237 Full Course Notes
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Collaboration occurs when two or more people work together to achieve a common goal, result, or product. When collaboration is effective, the results of the group are greater than those that could be produced by any of the individuals working alone. Collaboration involves coordination and communication and often makes use of computer networks. The effectiveness of a collaborative effort is driven by four critical factors: Communication skills and culture are often the key to effective collaborative effort. The ability to be a part of a group and to give and receive critical feedback is particularly important for employers. Communication skills as the most important skill they are looking for in employees. The product can improve only when group members believe that they can openly share and contribute ideas: group members need to: Constructively criticize each other"s work without creating bad feelings and resentment in the group. Users need to manage content so that conflicts do not occur.

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