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BUS 237 Study Guide - Final Guide: Business Process, Sales Management, Management System

Business Administration
Course Code
BUS 237
Zorana Svedic
Study Guide

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What are the two basic ways to develop competitive advantage through
1. Enhance products/service through information systems = enable org to
differentiate themselves
2. Through business processes. Org look to systems to keep customers, reduce cost,
and create barriers to entry
What are BSN functions and functional systems
a) all the primary and support activities in value chain b) system that support bsn
functions by facilitating their work
What are the 5 typical functional systems
1. Marketing and sale
2. Operations
3. Manufacturing
4. Human resources
5. Accounting and Finance
What functional system deals with order entry, order management, inventory
management, customer service?
Operations functions
What are the 5 problems with functional silos? (isolated functions)
1. Data duplication and inconsistency
2. Disjointed business processes
3. Limited information and lack of integrated info
4. Isolated decisions  inefficient
5. Increased expenses
What is an interorganizational system?
Info systems used by two or more related companies
What is business process design?
Creation of new usually cross-departmental business practices. Its no just simply
automating what you have or improving what exist but rather CREATING NEW tech
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What are the two basic approaches to integrating functional systems?
What is the difference between EAI and ERP?
EAI combines all systems by added layers of software to connect the systems together. A
customized EAI interface is to each system and a Central EAI server pulls and integrates
whatever data is necessary from each system – Minimal changes to existing functional
ERP system has one central database, uses prebuilt software so companies have to
remove their functional systems before adopting ERP. ERP systems provides software,
predesigned DB, industry standard procedures and job descriptions for organizational-
wide process integrations
What are the 3 reasons bsn process design projects are difficult to
1. They are complex and require a lot of people to agree on the changes which takes
time and effort
2. They have to convince the organization that’s its worth the time and effort
3. People resist change
What are the 3 basic processes that SRM applications support?
1. Source – find vendors, asses capabilities negotiate term and conditions make
2. Purchase – request info, quotation proposal, approve purchase, create and order
3. Settle – receive goods, resolves receivables to order, pay according to term
What functional area mainly uses ERP systems?
What is CRM? And What are CRM systems?
Customer relationship management and are systems that support business processes
that involve direct value chain activities that involve CUSTOMERS - they collect
all customer data in one place and make it easy to access.
What is the 4 phases of the customer life cycle?
1. Marketing
2. Customer acquisition
3. Relationship management
4. Losss/churn
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