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BUS 272 Study Guide - Final Guide: Communication Source, The Negotiation, Risk Aversion

Business Administration
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BUS 272
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Chapter 9 Final
Functional Conflict
Conflict that supports the goals of the group and improves its performance
Dysfunctional Conflict
Conflict that unable the group from achieving its goal
Task conflict
Relates to the content and goals of the work
Associated with higher group performance
Conflict in top management is positive, conflict in low management is negative
Teams made of individuals who are open and emotionally stable are better able to turn
conflict into increased group performance
Relationship conflict
Focuses on interpersonal relationships
Almost always dysfunctional
Most psychologically exhausting to individuals
Sources of Conflict
- Source of conflict through semantic difficulties, misunderstandings, and “noise” in the
communication channels
- The potential for conflict increases when either too little or too much communication
takes place
- Conflict can be a consequence of the requirements of the job or the workplace more
than personality
- Structural variables that can lead to conflict in the workplace suggests the following:
o Size, specialization, and composition. The larger, more specialized group has
more conflicts. More conflicts if group members are young and have a high
turnover rate
o The greater the ambiguity in precisely defining where responsibility for action
lies, the greater the potential for conflict to emerge.
o Reward systems create conflict when one member’s gain is at another’s expense,
or when there is unfair evaluation
o Leadership style can create conflict in managers tightly control and oversee the
work of employees,
o The diversity of goals among groups is a major source of conflict.
o If one group is dependent on another, or if interdependence allows one group to
gain at another’s expense
Personal Variables
- Includes personality, emotions, and values
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