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Ch. 4 Management project communications
4 key processes: communication planning, information distribution,
performance reporting, and administrative closure.
Managing project communications
Communication: a process by which information is exchange between
individuals through a common system of symbols, signs or behavior
Feedback: the response process by a receiver to a sender within the
communication process
Noise: audio, visual, or environmental interference within the
communication process
Communication planning
The process of developing a comprehensive plan for informing project
stake holders of all relevant information on a timely basis
Information distribution
The execution of the project communication plan and the response to
any ad hoc information requests by stakeholders
Written oral and non verbal communication
Written communication: the exchange of memos, reports, letters,
email, instant messaging, and so on through the use of standard
Oral communication: the exchange of spoken words
Nonverbal communication: information that is conveyed by body
language through our posture, hands, facial expressions, eye contact,
and personal space
Informal vs formal communication
Informal communication: ad hoc methods of communication within
Formal communication: routine methods for communication within
in orgs
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