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Ch 11 Textbook Notes

Business Administration
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BUS 361

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Chapter 11: Managing Project Execution
Project Execution: the process of carrying out the project plan to
accomplish the required work
Project execution is part of project integration management. This has 7
major processes
oDevelop project charter, develop preliminary project scope
statement, develop project management plan, direct and manage
project execution, monitor and control project work, integrate
change control and close project.
Project Plan Execution
Inputs, tools and techniques and outputs.
Monitoring progress and managing change
Monitoring progress
Monitoring progress: the progress of keeping track of all project
tasks and the details surrounding each one
Allocate and distribute work to team members at the right time while
also managing task dependencies; update progress of each task;
determine consequences and predict their effects on future tasks and
milestones; manage changing team membership; manage roles of third
parties, such as vendors and suppliers; enforce ownership of tasks
Project manager activities during execution
Project Kick off: ceremonial meeting marking the beginning of a
project in a very public and memorable way
Common systems development project problems
People related mistakes: system development mistakes arising from
adding too late late to a project, lacks kills, or unrealistic expectations
Process related mistakes: system development mistakes arising
from insufficient planning, overly optimistic schedules or planning to
catch up later
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