BUS 483 Study Guide - Final Guide: Fiduciary, Severance Package, Wrongful Dismissal

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Total: 60 marks won"t ask about specific act/section of act can bring 1-sided cheat sheet to trigger memory. 3 main ones: esa of bc master/servant relationship common law: owe fiduciary duty employee vs. contractor, control test, organization test vicarious liability division of powers comes from constitution act 1867 = diff b/t fed & prov gov boundaries. Yes: fed applied, no: prov procedural fairness. Need approval from minister/director employment agencies must be approved & licensed. Cannot charge fee to ppl looking for jobs (only incidentals resume/cover letter etc) Can"t ask indivs to pay for immigration wages. Termination wages paid out in 48 hours. Tell me a few standards in the act special clothing vs. dress code. Must give leave but does not need to pay. If mediation not successful, then adjudication: employment standards tribunal can hear adjudication, appeal to bc supreme court. * alternatively, can go straight to bc supreme court but if do not like result, cannot go back.