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Business Administration
BUS 201
Peter Tingling

The foundations of human resource managementHuman resource management is the set of organizational activities directing at attracting developing and maintaining an effective workforce Human resource planningJob analysisoSystematic analysis of jobs with an organizationJob description list the duties of a job its working conditions and the tools materials and equipment used to perform itJob specification lists the skills abilities and other credentials needed to do the job Forecasting HR demand and supplyoInternal supplythe number and type of employees who will be in the firm at some future dateoExternal supplyThe number and type of people who will be available for hiring from the labour market at largeoReplacement chartAN HR technique that lists each important managerial position who occupies it how long he or she will probably stay in it before moving on and who by name is now qualified or soon will be qualified to move into itoSkills inventoriesComputerized systems that contain information on each employees education skills work experience and career aspirationsRecruiting Human resourcesRecruitingoThe process of attracting qualified people to apply for available jobsInternal recruiting oConsidering present employees as candidates for openingsExternal recruitingoAttracting people outside the organization to apply for jobsInternshipsoShortterm paid positions where students focus on a specific project are increasingly popularSelecting human resourcesValidation
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