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Business Administration
BUS 237
Kamal Masri

Chapter4 Q1 Why do you need to know about information technology The Year 2000 problem Removed the first two characters from the year caused a huge problem when the year 1999 rolls around and you realize that you are using the same software the next year 2000 the year on your computer would read 00 Q2 Where did all this information technology stuff come from Mainframes 1952PresentThe first generation mainframes IBM650 were based on now obsolete vacuum tube technology Second generation mainframes used transistors which made them smaller easier to maintain and more reliable First and second generation machines were often sold without software the assumption was that companies themselves would develop the programs they wanted to use on the computerThird generation of mainframe machines included operating systems and multiprocessing The multiprocessing allowed for timesharing where many users could share the main processor at the same timeIBM Z96 continues to be produced today And a large number of programs used in larger organizations still run on mainframe systemsMicrocomputers 1975Presentincorporated the central processing unit CPU and some shortterm memory into a single silicon chip using integrated circuits ICs Networking personal computers 1985PresentMicrocomputers were easy to use however they were largely standalone Sharing data cross two computers required saving data on a floppy drive and transferring the drive to another machine This was a cumbersome operation LANs Local Area Networks exemplified by Ethernet the most popular LAN provided the ability to connect many personal computers together WANs Wide Area Networks exemplified by the Internet
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