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Chapter 6 Q1 Why should I care about Network How many networks did you use 1 The public switched telephone network PSTNTied to the cell phone network 2 The financial networks Used for ABMcredit card transaction3 The local area network LAN Handles electronic key access in the hotel 4 The wireless network 80211 operating over a LAN8023 Provides wireless Internet access in the hotel 5 The wide area network WAN Provides Internet access for email and web browsing 6 The cell phone networkUsing short message service SMS for Text messagemultimedia messaging service MMS for the picture 7 The GPS in the automated navigation system Satellite network service Networks and collaboration Collaboration occurs when two or more people work together to achieve a common goal result or product When collaboration is effective the results of the group are greater than those that could be produced by any of the individuals working alone Collaboration involves coordination and communication and often makes use of computer networks Four critical factor of Effective Collaboration 1 Communication skillsculture the key Group members are able to constructively criticize each others work without creating rancor and resentment and improve their contributions based upon that criticism 2 Communication systems The available of email virtual private networks instant messaging and more sophisticated communication s systemnetwork technology available 3 Content management Databases and content management systems help to make sure to correctly handle conflicts user changing data may interfere with othersContent Management systems track and report that who made what changes when and why Information systems and database management systems play a key role in enforcing restrictions members rights and privileges of editing data 4 Workflow control Workflow a process or procedure by which content is created edited used and disposes Difference between business process and workflow Business process focuses on delivering a good or a service externally to a customer Workflow delivering a good or a service internally to other employees in the organizationspecifies a particular ordering of tasks and includes processes for handling rejected changes as well as for dealing with exceptionsNetwork Externalities Network Effect Network Externalitythe larger the number of people using a network the more valuable that network becomes Critical Mass the point at which the value of being part of the network is larger than the cost of being on it Once networks hit critical mass they usually grow at a faster rate Limit to network growth as a network continues to gain users there may be problems with congestion or the market may become saturated Q2 What is a computer network A computer network a collection of computers that transmit and or receive electronic signals through transmission media Transmission media 1 Physical media copper cable optical fibreglass fibrecable2 Wireless media transmitting light or radio frequencies including cellular and satellite systems Basic types of networks are local area networks wide area networks and internets 1 Local area network LAN connects computers within a relatively small single geographic locationThe number of connected computers can range from two to several hundredCommunication lines can be placed where the organization wants 2 Wide area network WAN connects computers at different geographic locationUses communication networks from vendors licensed by government 3 An internet is a network of network Internets connect LANs WANs and other internets The most famous internet is the Internet the collection of networks that you use when you send email or access a website Protocol is a set of rules that two communicating devices follow Two devices to communicate they must both use the same protocol
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