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Chapter 7-Communication Communication is the transfer and understanding of a message between two or more people Encoding is converting a message to a symbolic form (talking)
 Decoding is the interpretation of a sender’s message (listening)
 Message is what is communicated Channel is the medium through which a message travels
 Communication Apprehension is tension and anxiety about oral communication
 Channel Richness is the amount of information that can be sent during a communication episode Feedback Loop is the final link in the communication process, checks for understanding  Barriers to Effective Communication
 Filtering is the senders manipulation of information so that it will be seen favorably by the receiver
 Selective Perception is hearing what one wants based on needs, motivations, experience, background Defensiveness is verbally attacking others, making sarcastic remarks, being judgmental, etc.
 Information Overload is state of having more information than can be processed
 Language as words mean different things to different people
 Communicating Under Stress speak clearly, be aware of nonverbal, think careful!  Organizational Communication
 Downward Communication is info. Flowing from one level to a lower level Upward Communication is info. Flowing from one level to a higher level
 Lateral Communication is info. Flowing through the
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