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Simon Fraser University
Business Administration
BUS 272
Christopher Zatzick

Chapter 8: Power and Politics Power-a capacity that A has to influence the behavior of B, so that B acts in accordance with A’s wishes Coercive popoewrer thact is based on fear The person can make things difficult for people, and you want to avoid getting him/her angry Reward power power that achieves compliance based on the The person is able to give special benefits or ability to distribute rewards that others view as rewards to people, and you find it advantageous valuable to trade favours with him or her Legitimate power Power that a person receives as a result of his orThe person has the right, considering his her position in the formal hierarchy of an position and your job responsibilities, to expect organization you to comply with legitimate requests. AKA rule maker Expert power Influence based on special skills or knowledge The person has the experience and knowledge to earn your respect, and you defer to his judgment in some matters Referent power Influence based on possession by an individual You like the person and enjoy doing things for of desirable resources or personal traits him/her. Admiration and desire to be like that person Information power Power that comes from access to and control The person has data or knowledge that you over information need People’s responds: Resistance: the person is opposed to the request and tries to avoid it with such tactics as refusing, stalling, or arguing about it (#1) Compliance: the person goes along with the request grudgingly, puts in minimal effort, and takes little initiative in carrying out the request Commitment: the person is enthusiastic about the request, and shows initiative and persistence in carrying it out. (#4, #5) The General dependency postulate: the greater B’s dependency on A, the greater the power A has over B. What creates dependency?  Importance: then things you control must be perceived as important  Scarcity: if something is scared, possession of it will increase your power  Non-substitutability: the fewer substitutes there are for a resource, the more power comes from control over that resource Influence tactics 1. Rational persuasion: using facts and data to make a logical or rational presentation of ideas. 2. Inspirational appeal: appealing to values, ideals, and goals w
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