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Business Administration
BUS 272
Christopher Zatzick

Chapter 9-Conflict and Negotiations Conflict is when a party perceives that another party is about to negatively affect them
 Functional Conflicts are when it supports the goals of the group and improves its performance Dysfunctional Conflicts hinder the group performance
 Cognitive Conflict is task-­­orientated and related to differences in perspective and judgments Affective Conflict is emotional and aimed at a person rather than an issue Sources of Conflict
 Communication, Structure, Personal Variables Conflict Management Strategies
  Forcing. Imposing one’s will on the other party
  Problem Solving. Trying to reach a satisfied agreement  Avoiding. Ignoring or minimizing the problem
  Yielding. Accepting the will of the other party
  Compromising. Finding a balanced commercial What can Individuals do to Manage Conflict  Problem solving requesting a face to face meeting to identify and resolve
  Developing Overarching Goals creates a shared goal between the two parties
  Smoothing is playing down the differences while emphasizing common interests  Compromising agreeing with other party with both giving up something
  Avoidance is withdrawing from or suppressing the conflict Resolving Personality Conflicts
  Misunderstandings based on age, race, or cultural
  Intolerance, prejudice, discrimination, or bigotry
  Perceived inequities
  Misunderstandings, rumors, or falsehoods about an individual or groups  Blaming for mistakes or
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