2014 sample midterm provided by professor for exam preparation

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Simon Fraser University
Business Administration
BUS 272
Lieketen Brummelhuis

BUS 272 sample questions chapters 1 to 6 Midterm preparation 1 Lisa is a senior consultant in a downsizing company She is stressed out because she has a meeting with a potential new client Her boss will attend the meeting and depending on whether Lisa sells work to the client she will keep her job What is the best theoretical explanation of why Lisa experiences stress a Lisa feels that she lacks time to prepare for the meeting b Speaking in public is stressful for anyone thus also for Lisa c Lisa dreads to loose a resource that is valuable to her d Speaking in a meeting with her boss is stressful due to the power distance 2 Emma writes articles for a fashion magazine and makes 75 000 per year She makes 10 000 more than in her previous job as a freelance writer and she works less hours per week She feels somewhat guilty but is also satisfied with her new job What kind of referent comparison does Emma make a Selfinside b Selfoutside c Otherinside d Otheroutside 3 Desirable work behavior can be reinforced through different schedule
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