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Business Administration
BUS 272
Zorana Svedic

BUS 272 PostMidterm Vocabulary Chapters 712 VocabularyChapter 7CommunicationLearning Objectives 1 How does communication work 2 What are the barriers to communication 3 How does communication flow in organizations 4 How is information managedCommunication the transfer and understanding of a message between two or more peopleThe Communication Process Model Exhibit 71 page 258Formal channels communication channels established by an organization to transmit messages related to the professional activities of membersInformal channels communication channels that are created spontaneously and that emerge as responses to individual choicesChannel the medium through which a message travelsCommunication apprehension undue tension and anxiety about oral communication written communication or bothChannel richness the amount of information that can be transmitted during a communication episodeFiltering a senders manipulation of information so that it will be seen more favourably by the receiverInformation overload the state of having more information than one can processNonverbal communication messages conveyed through body movements facial expressions and the physical distance between the sender and receiverProxemics the study of physical space in interpersonal relationshipsCommunication networks channels by which information flowsFormal networks taskrelated communications that follow the authority chainInformal networks communications that flow along social and relational linesGrapevine the organizations most common informal networkBlog web log a website where entries are written and generally displayed in reverse chronological order about news events and personal diary entries Highcontext cultures cultures that rely heavily on nonverbal and subtle situational cues in communicationLowcontext cultures cultures that rely heavily on words to convey meaning in communication 1
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