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Business Administration
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BUS 272
Melissa Mc Crae

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bus 272 study cards ch712wcuPage 1 of 33the transfer and understanding of a message communicationbetween two or more peopleSenderchooses a messageencodes the messagechooses the channelThe communication processReceiverDecodes the messageProvides feedbackchannelthe medium through which a message travelsmessagewhat is communicatedencoding converting a message to symbolic formencodingdecodingdecoding interpreting a messagethe amount of information that can be transmitted during a communication episodeChannel richnessex memos and email have low channel richness while video conferences and facetoface conversations have high channel richnessanonymous and aggregatedraters should only evaluate what they have Making feedback more effective 4experienced firsthandtrain ratersfeedback to recipientsnegative feedback stands out more than positivefear that good feedback will cause employee overconfidencewhere there is high channel richness managers Why are managers reluctant to give feedbackdont want to see the employees reactionemployees respond to bad feedback by being defensive shocked or emotionallyfeedback is typically an emotional interaction in the workplace and managers want to avoid thisbus 272 study cards ch712wcuPage 2 of 33have them think about it beforehandmake feedback happen regularlykeep it positiveGiving effective feedback 6specificdont make a big deal with certain events that require immediate attentionaction planFiltering the senders manipulation of information so that it is seen more favorably by the receiverSelective perception receiver selectively interprets the information based on their needs motivation experience backgroundDefensiveness when people feel that they are Barriers to effective communication 5being threatened they tend to react in ways that reduce ability to achieve mutual understandingInformation overload when the information we have to work with exceeds our processing capacityLanguage words mean different things to different peopleActive listeningdont evaluateHow to reduce defensive communicationparaphraseuse nonverbal cues to show youre listeningDownwarddirections of communication 3UpwardLateraltaskrelated communications that follow the formal networks communicationauthority chainChain Moderate speed high accuracy moderate emergence of a leader moderate member satisfactionSmall Group communication networks 3Wheel fast speed high accuracy high emergence of a leader low member satisfactionAll Channel fast speed moderate accuracy No emergence of a leader High member satisfactionbus 272 study cards ch712wcuPage 3 of 33not controlled by managementmost employees perceive it as being more beleivable and reliable than formal communication from managementGrapevine 3 characteristicslargely used to serce the selfinterests of those people within it75 percent of employees hear about matters first through the grapevinecapacity that A has to influence the behaviour of B powerso that B acts in accordance with As wishesBs relationship to A when A possesses something dependencythat B needsCoerciverewardlegitimate6 bases of powerexpertreferentinformationPower that is based on fearCoercive powerThe person can make things difficult for people and you want to avoid getting him or her angryPower that acheives compliance based on the ability to distribute rewards that others view as valuableReward PowerThe person is able to give special benefits or rewards to people and you find it advantageous to trade favours with him or herPower that a person recieves as a result of their position in the formal hierarchy of an organizationLegitimate powerThe person has the right considering their position and your job responsibilities to expect you to comply with legitimate requests
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