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Simon Fraser University
Business Administration
BUS 272
Zorana Svedic

Chapter 7 Communication Quiz 1) The Four conditionals that affect encoded messages are: skill, attitudes, knowledge, and social- cultural system 2) The Study of physical space in interpersonal relationships is called proxemics. True 3) Most business school teams use a communication network in which there are no restrictions and all members are equal. This type of network is all-channel. 4) Tannen’s research indicates that men use talk to emphasize status; while women use it to create connections. 5) Under stress regarding oral and/or written communication is known as communication apprehension. 6) Stephen is preparing a report on the profitability of a new brand for a consumer products company. When he chooses to report sales and profit increases as percentages, rather than absolute values, so that the executive team continues to support his project, he is filtering information. 7) The study of body motions, such as gestures, facial configurations, and other movements of the body is called kinesics. 8) Rumours would most likely flourish in situations where there is anxiety and ambiguity. 9) High-context cultures rely heavily on nonverbal and subtle situational cues in communication. True 10) As depicted in the communication process model, the source initiates communication by choosing a message. 11) Mia is working at an employment agency that helps new arrivals find their first job in Canada. Although mia was born and raised in Canada herself, she really gets to know her clients and
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