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BUS 362 Midterm review Notes

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Business Administration
BUS 362
Landon Kleis

Function point estimation 1. Estimate system size a. Total unadjusted function points b. Complexity c. Adjusted project complexity d. Total adjusted function points 2. Estimate effort a. Person-months b. Lines of code 3. Estimate time  Business process automation o Problem analysis  Asking users to find problems  Rarely gives monetary benefits o Root cause analysis  Prioritizing problems and tracing the symptoms to their causes  Business process improvement o Duration analysis  Compare the time taken for each process and integrate or parallelize o Informal benchmarking  Study other similar organizations o Activity based costing  Improve most costly steps  Business process reengineering o Outcome analysis o Technology analysis o Activity elimination Planning  Analysis  Design  Implementation  System  Project o The project moves systematically through phases, where each phase has a standard set of outputs o Produces project deliverables o Users deliverables in implementation o Results in the actual system o Uses gradual refinement  Planning o Why build the system?  Analysis o Who, what, when, where will the system be?  Design o How will the system work?  Implementation o System delivery 1. Planning a. Identifying business value b. Analyze feasibility c. Develop work plan d. Staff the project e. Control and direct the project 2. Analysis a. Analysis b. Requirements gathering c. Process modelling d. Data modelling 3. Design a. Physical b. Architectural c. Interface d. Database and file e. Program 4. Implementation a. Construction b. Installation Deliverables  Planning  project plan  Analysis  system proposal  Design  system specifications  Implementation  new system and maintenance plan The Project team  Business analyst o Business issues surrounding the system o Identifies the business value that the system will create o Develops idea for improving the business process o Helps design new business processes and policies  Systems analyst o Information systems issues surrounding the system o Assists and guides the project team so that the right system is developed in an effective way o Must understand how to apply technology in order to solve problems  Infrastructure analyst o Technical issues and how the system will interact with the existing infrastructure in the organization  Change management analyst o People and management issues  Requirements analyst o Eliciting requirements from stakeholders  Project manager o Ensuring that the project is on time, within budget, and that it delivers the expected value to the organization o A highly experienced systems analyst Project sponsor: a key person who identifies the business value to be gained from using IT Approval committee reviews system requests and selects projects. How do projects begin? 1. Business needs should drive projects 2. The project sponsor recognizes the business need for a new system and wants to see it implemented 3. Business needs determine the system’s functionality 4. Project value should be clear The system request: a document that describes the business reasons for the project and the expected value it will provide. It lists the project’s key elements.  Project sponsor  Business need  Business requirements  Business value  Special issues or constraints The feasibility analysis  Technical o “Can we built it?” o The users’ and analysts’ familiarity with the business application area o Familiarity with technology o Project size o Compatibility with existing systems  Economical o “Should we build it?” o Identify the costs and benefits  Tangible: includes revenue that the system enables the organization to collect  Intangible value: based on intuition or belief rather than numbers o Assign values  Difficult but necessary to estimate
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