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Business Administration
BUS 381
Natalie Zhao

Chapter6 Recruitment The strategic importance of recruitment Recruitment: the process of searching out and attracting qualified job applicants, which begins with the identification of a position that requires staffing and is completed when resumes and/or complete application forms are received from an adequate number of applicants. ****a Watson wyatt study found that organizations with superior recruiting practices financially outperform those with less effective programs and that successful recruiting is a strong indicator of higher shareholder value.**** Recruiter: a specialist in recruitment, whose job it is to find and attract capable candidates. The recruitment process An overview of the recruitment process Identify job openings Specify job Select methods of Generate pool of requirements recruitment qualified applicants •HRplanning/strate •description/job •-internal •equity/diversity gic plan specification •-external goals •-Employee resignations/termi nations Constrains on the recruitment process  Organizational policies Promotes-from-within policies Compensation  Inducements of competitors  Employment equity plans  Labour shortages ****constraints arise from organizational policies, such as promotes0from-with policies, which means that a recruiter cannot start recruiting externally for a specified period even if he or she is aware that there are no suitable internal candidates. Constraints also arise from compensation policies, wince they influence the attractiveness of the job to potential applicants. If there is an employment equity plan, it will specify goals for increasing recruitment from the designated groups. Monetary and nonmonetary inducements offered by competitors impose a constraint, since recruiters must try to meet the prevailing standards or use alternative inducements (high quality, good location, good benefit, child care).perhaps the biggest constraint on recruiting activity at this time is the current labour shortage, which makes recruiting more difficult.**** Recruiting within the organization Advantages: - Enhanced morale if competence is rewarded - More commitment to company goals - Longer-term perspective on business decisions - More accurate assessment of candidate’s skills - Less orientation required Disadvantage: - Discontent of unsuccessful candidates - Time consuming to post and interview all candidates if one is already preferred(informing unsuccessful applicants as to why they were rejected and what remedial action they might take to be more successful in the future is thus essential) - Employee dissatisfaction with insider as new boss - Possibility of “inbreeding” Recruiting from within can be accomplished by using job posting, human resources records, and skills inventories.  Job posting Job posting: the process of notifying current employees about vacant positions.  Human resources records: human resources records are often consulted to ensure that qualifies individuals are notifies, in person, of vacant positions, an examination of employee files, including resumes and application forms, may uncover employees who are working in jobs below their education or skill levels, people who already have the requisite KSAs, or persons with the potential to move into the vacant position if given some additional training.  Skills inventories: skills inventories are an even better reference tool. Although such inventories may be used instead of job postings, they are more often used as a supplement. Whether computerized or manual, referring to such inventories ensures that qualified internal candidates are identified and considered for transfer or promotion when opportunities arise. Recruiting outside the organization Advantage: - Larger, more diverse pool of qualified candidates - Acquisition of new skills and knowledge for creative problem solving - Elimination of rivalry for transfers/promotions - Cost savings from hiring skilled individuals with no need for training Disadvantage: - New comers may not fit in - Newcomers take longer to learn about the organization - Usually more expensive - Lowered morale and motivation of current employees  Planning external recruitment ****when choosing external recruitment method, in addition to the constraints mentioned earlier several factors should be considered. The type of job to be filled has a major impact on the recruitment method selected**** Yield ratio: the percentage of applicants that proceed to the next stage of the selection process. Time-lapse data: time from start of recruitment to new employee starting work  External recruitment methods - Online recruiting - Print advertising - Private employment agencies - Executive search firms - Walk-ins and write-ins - Human resource centers (HRDC) - Open house/ job fairs - Employee referrals  Online recruiting ****the internet provides recruiters with a large audience for job postings and a vast talent pool. Online recruiting can involve accessing one or more internet job boards, using a corporate website, or using social networking sites.**** Internet job boards Two ways: 1. For a fee, companies can post a job opening online and customize it by using corporate logos and adding details about the company benefits and culture. Job seekers can search through the job posting, often by job type, region, or other criterion, and apply for the position online through the job board. 2. job seekers can post their resumes on job boards, and firms can search the database. Corporate websites Corporate websites help the company create a pool of candidates who have already expressed interest in the organization.  Social networking sites The advantage of using social networking for recruitment purposes is the opportunity to connect with millions of other users at little or no cost. One disadvantage is the possibility of un
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