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Business Administration
BUS 393
Shafik Bhalloo

wwwCanliicom 14133CHP 1managing your legal affairsObjective to help student become sophisticated clientsSophisticated clients confident knowledgeable up to date understands the role of the lawyer and of the clientwhen to represent yourself and when to hire a lawyer and how to hire a lawyer he protects himselfundrstands costs associated with hiring a lawyer knows what can be done if she is dissatisified with the conduct of her lawyerif we do not follow this we are exposing ourselves to vulnerability logical process to analyze what happens in life asking questions such asis this sophisticated Is this logical What would the lawyer do Have I done enough researchworked as a catalyst to development in legal decision makingunderstand business decisions must be taken seriously as they may have serious consequences create empowerment and enables them to make sound bus decisionscan find own info but sometimes better to obtain advice from lawyer criminal case better manage their legal affairs success ultimately depends on the making of good bus decisions and that good business decisions can only be made if they are based upon appropriate infoThe role of the lawyer just providers of advice legal advice enable better decisions hired by client who provides them with instructions and lawyer is bound to follow these instructions client should be the decision maker dont say my lawyer told me to do this lawyer is a expert the business person consults also other experts like accountant HR officerprovide legal advice for situationWhen to hire Lawyer small business owner examplefrom start up to selling of businessst1sole proprietor itwill it be a franchise owner should choose how he will organize his businesspartner incorporate lawyer gives adviceinfo to help owner make decision for achieving their objectivesLawyer can provide info and advice that will help the owner make decisions appropriate for achieving his objectiveLawyer is one the Experts that the client approaches in her efforts to collect the information necessary for her to make good business decisions Buying existing business provides info to help owner minimize potential risks and liabilitiesStarting business all relevant laws are complied withEX getting license satisfying environmental standards noise bylaw etc located requiredlease to be negotiated bank financial documentsextent of personal liability contracts with employees suppliers customers intellectual property issues copyrights name patent trademarks selling businesstax implications potential future liability of sellerlawyer can determine relevant municipal provicincial and federal laws which are relevant to the business and provide advice as to what is required to ensure compliance with themWhen to represent yourself why Sometimes not necessary bc its prohibitively expensive delays in decision making TIME AND COSTprudentto proceed only after completing some research of the relevant laweither not considering relevant legal infor or you will be obtaining it yourself today legal info online is easily accessible b4 it was more necessary to consult lawyerInternet hard to answer question of when to hire a lawyer than in the past time is still a factor also consider if you are unable to find relevant info or cannot understand the relevant infoget advice
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