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Chapter 13/14 Chem Final Review

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CHEM 121
Gary Leach

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Chapter 13 Bondingy Bond energy is the energy required to break the bonds y Ionic bonds one atom loses an e while another gains it o Ionic compound nonmetal metalAnion Cationy Coulombs Law energy of interaction between pair of ions o V 231 E19 J nm Q1Q2rAttraction Repulsion y Bond length equilibrium internuclear distance y Covalent bonding e are shared by nuclei equal sharing o Mutual attraction of nuclei o Unequal sharing of e within a covalent bond polar covalent bond ie HF y Electronegativity ability of an atom to attract es to itself o Increases across a period o Decreases down a group o ZeroCovalent bond o IntermediatePolar Covalent o LargeIonic bond y Dipole moment dipolar center ofcharge and center ofcharge o QR o Bonding and electron distributio
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