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Chapter 16/17 Chem Final Review

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CHEM 121
Gary Leach

Chapter 16 Liquids and Solids y Intermolecular forces forces of attraction between molecules o Molecules stay intact bonds broken between molecules y Dipoledipole positive and negative ends o As distance between molecules increases dipoledipole decreases o Low pressure at gas phase insignificant dipole y Hydrogen bonding H bonded to N O or F o If H is attached to a very electronegative atom increase in BP y London dispersion forces ALL ATOMS EXERT LONDON DISPERSION o Instantaneous dipole o Increase in atom sizeincrease in LD Forces y Surface tension resistance of a liquid to increase its SA o Large IMFgreater surface tension y Capillary action spontaneous rising of a liquid in a narrow tube o Adhesion and cohesionConcave adhesioncohesionConvex cohesionadhesion y Viscosity resistance to flow o Higher IMFlarger viscosity o Complexlarge moleculeshigh viscosity y Vaporization molecules escape from liquid surface and become gaseous o Energy required heat of evaporationendothermic y Condensation gas vaporliquid y Volatile e
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