CMNS 110 Study Guide - Final Guide: Soft Media, Colleen Jones, Propaganda Techniques

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Cmns 110 final exam study guide: principles of persuasion week 7. Social proof: act based on how others would act. Authority: persuaded by those who seem important. Scarcity: value is limited: propaganda techniques week 7 & 8. Bandwagon: everyone else is on it so jump on too . Name-calling: negative words or feeling that attached to an idea, product or person. Glittering generality: appealing term associated with highly valued concepts (e. g. desire for freedom and peace) Disinformation: deliberate spreading of false information (misinformation is unintentional) Concealed purpose: part of the purpose is concealed therefore only the good side is shown. Collection and analysis of news and information by general public (now quite often seen by means of internet: news values and newsworthiness week 8. Proximity geographical and cultural: depend on your geographical position and move outward from there. Pathos: tear jerkers - interest in human misery/story,

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