CMNS 262 Study Guide - Midterm Guide: Social Fact, Paradigm Shift, Scientific Method

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How people encounter the world around them. The story you end up telling about the encounter. The world is out there" waiting to be discovered. Data can be gathered that will allow us to predict outcomes with some. The rules of the game" are stable, so we can establish clear facts". The researcher observes from outside the game so as not to disturb the. We say this research is quantitative because it often relies on numbers reliability. What is qualitative research? when we do so. The world is in here" and we must engage with it. The focus is on the significance of a phenomenon rather than its truth". The impression we get of the world is our own and may differ from that of. The data we gather may lead to understanding but not to prediction. We say this research is qualitative because it often relies on attributes others. (quality)

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