CMPT 120 Study Guide - Final Guide: A Roads In Zone 8 Of The Great Britain Numbering Scheme, Infinite Loop, Eval

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CMPT 120 Full Course Notes
CMPT 120 Full Course Notes
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# do stuff if test is true elif: #for example, each item in alist, each character in a string,etc for x in range(10): #do stuff 10 times (0 through 9) for range in (5,10): = used for assigning values vars= 123 vars. isdigit()= true vars. isalpha()= false. #we use boolean expressions to control the flow of executions. # random from random import randint => randint(0,100) produces a random integer from 0~100. # . upper() changes to upper case letters. # . lower() changes to lower case letters. # . isalpha() determines whether a string is all alphabets or not, returns a boolean value. # . isdigit() determines whether a string (does not apply to int) consists of all numbers or not, returns a boolean value. # . rotate() rotates the values to the right. # break terminates the current loop and resumes execution at the next statement.

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