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Midterm Study Notes (Week 1-6)

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CMNS 230
Michael Newton

AA la cartethe option for cable subscribers to pick whichever channels they want and pay a fee per channelAlistBlist issuerandom but significant variation among the talent involved in media productsFinancialeconomic consequences of a decision to select a wellknown talent Alist to star inmake media productions over a relatively unknown talent BlistBlist talents may offer just as good of a performance but for a smaller salaryAccessones ability to usereceive media and communication servicesAdaptive strategiesconventional practices that media organizations have adopted to help make commercial media production more predictable and help cover risksAgencyamount of control media industry workers have over how and what they doAllows them to be meaningful actors in how their companies operate and in creation of media productsAntitrust regulationslaws intended to prevent too much industry consolidation mergingArs longalong economic life of mediaindustry products Companies may continue earning profits on a media text for decades after production is completedArtificial scarcitypractice used by industries to control where when for how long and at what cost people may experience a media productEx windowing price differentiationAudience crucial component of economics of media industriesReal audienceactual people who consume media text ex buy a song off iTunes show up for film etcConstructed audienceaudience imagined by creators and those in the industry during making of mediaBBroadcastingpermits a single transmission to reach thousands of listeners with same msg at the same timeled to todays mass mediacreation and distribution of information and entertainment to mass audienceBroadcast flagprevents digital recording from television or involves mechanisms that prevent us from freely moving purchased audio files among devices or recording them to a physical mediumBlock bookingpractice once used by film studios that required independent theatres to agree to take a lock of studioselected films usually unpopular if they wanted to get the big new studio film with top talentenabled creation of artificial scarcity CCircumscribed agencyassumes that choices we make in our lives are not entirely our own but neither are they imposed upon us by outside forcesCommodificationtransforming objectsservices into commodities3 ways in which printed texts are commodifiedCommodification of material object the bookCommodification of info contained within material object as the work in copyright lawCommodification of access to printed text info via electronic database etcCommunication technologiesmechanicalelectronic innovations that permit people to communicate with others in ways that differ from our natural abilitiesobservers have utopian hopes about capacity of mass communications to enhance democracy and cultural understanding Also fears that media is brainwashing the masses and destroying individuality Utopian version got boosted by radio broadcastingConventionsagreedupon ways of creating media textsUse of particular genrestypecategory that popular media texts generally must fit to guarantee an appropriate and willing audienceUse of narrative techniquesUse of strategies of organizationCoproductionbusiness arrangement in which production staff and creative workers from more than1 countryorganization work together on a projectCopyrightlegal protection for creators of original works from those who might distribute others work and passing it off as their own and profiting from itCrucial as it ensures ongoing economic value of their productsOnce copyright expires media products fall into public domainrights no longer need to be paid to originatorException to the law is of provisionallows for limited copyinguse of a product that is protected fair use by copyright as long as it is in accord with a few key purposes ex criticism comment news reporting teaching etcTechnological enforcement of copyrightdigital rights management DRMcontrol use of media in many different waysCorporate image advertisingstyle of advertising used to advance corporate image rather than focussing on features of productSponsorship etcCost plus systemfinance creation of TV programs in which a producer brings an idea to network and if network wants to develop the idea network pays cost of production plus a feeprofit to producerReduces risk for studio producing the showdoesnt take on deficit expenses and is guaranteed a certain amount of profit
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