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Computing Science
CMPT 120
Diana Cukierman

Unit 1 Natural Language – Language people speak such as English, Spanish and French Formal Language – Designed by people for specific applications Two types of programming languages - High-level language (C, C++, Perl, Java) Disadvantages - Have to be converted into low-level language for the machine to understand  Advantages - Easier to program in high-level language - Takes less time to write, shorter, easier to write, more likely to be correct - Portable, able to run on different kinds of computers with few or no modifications - Low level language (Machine Languages or assembly language) o Machines can only run on low-level languages  Disadvantages - Only able to run on one kind of computer or rewritten on another. 2 kinds of programs process high-level languages into low-level languages: - Interpreters  Processes at little at a time, alternately reading lines and performing computations - Compilers  Translates whole program before running, able to run repeatedly without additional translation Source Code Compiler or Executor Output Source code – high level programing
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