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Computing Science
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CMPT 165
Colin Stewart

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CMPT165 Final Exam Review ExamplePhone Book Form directoryhtml DOCTYPE HTML PUBLIC W3CDTD HTML 401EN httpwwww3orgTRhtml4strictdtd html head titletitle meta httpequivContentType contenttexthtml charsetutf8 head body h1Virtual Phone Bookh1 form action phoneBookpy pName input typetext namenamep pPhoneinput typetext namenumberp pType of Phonep pinput typeradio nametype valueCellp pinput typeradio nametype valueWorkp pinput typeradio nametype valueLandlinep pinput typesubmit valueAddp formbody htmlphoneBookpy from file import import cgi formcgiFieldStorageprint Contenttype texthtml print print DOCTYPE HTML PUBLIC W3CDTD HTML 401EN httpwwww3orgTRhtml4strictdtdprint html print head print meta httpequivContentType contenttexthtmlcharsetutf8 print titletitle print head print bodynameformnamevalue phoneformphonevalue phoneTypeformtypevaluenewPhonephone phoneType phoneListnewPhonenewPhoneProfilename phoneList
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