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Computing Science
CMPT 165
Colin Stewart

CMPT 165Exam Review Questions1 What is an ISPGive an exampleAn ISP is an Internet Service ProviderAn ISP allows a personal computer to connect to the InternetSome examples Shaw Telus Rogers etc2 Name three ways that a desktop or laptop computer can connect to the InternetSome examples modem ADSL cable modem LAN wifi wireless3 A URL is composed of three parts a path a schema and a serverIn the following example what are the path schema and server and what do they do1 httpsgradebookcssfucacgibinGradeBookcgischemahttpsspecifies the protocol in this case HTTPsecureservergradebookcssfucathe name of the web server pathcgibinGradebookcgithe file on the server4 Give two examples of MIME types and explain what theyre fortextcss texthtml audiompeg imagepng etcMIME types describe the type of information being sent from a web server to a client essentially the file type5 What does HTML stand forWhat does the name meanHTMLHyperText Markup Language Hypertexttext with links to other documents in it Markup Languagea way to describe the content and appearance of a document6 Why is it a good idea to write code eg HTML in a text editor instead of a word processorWord processors are designed to make documents that will be printed on a page of paperHTML and other code is generally not meant to be printed so having the physical limitation of a page page width page length makes no sense when writing codeIn a text editor text is not split up into pagesits just rows and columns of characters7 What information would you put in a web pages headerstylesheet information title information for the title bar of the browser information about the author and content of the web page useful for web browsers character set information ASCII Unicode8 Give three examples of an HTML entity the things that start withand end withand explain what theyre forltcopyeacute 9 Say the URL of the page were at is httpwww123fakestreetcomsimpsonsreferencesmargehtmlWhat relative URLs would take us to 1 httpwww123fakestreetcomsimpsonsreferenceshomerhtmlhomerhtml2 httpwww123fakestreetcomsimpsonstriviatrivia3 httpwww123fakestreetcomsimpsonsreferencesimagesfishbulbjpgimagesfishbulbjpg4 httpwww123fakestreetcomfuturamareferencesbenderpyfuturamareferencesbenderpy or futuramareferencesbenderpy10 What is the purpose of span and div tagsspan and div are generic tagsthey have no builtin style or purposeThey are used to apply a particular style to a region of a web pageYou can apply any style to themspan is a generic inline tag div is a generic blocklevel tagdiv is particularly useful for dividing a page into different areas11 What is the difference between the Internet and the World Wide WebThe Internet is a network of computers that shared information around the worldThe World Wide Web is a service of the Internet that allows users to view web pages12 Name three services that the Internet providesThe World Wide Web Email FTP Online gaming PeertoPeer sharing Video calling etc13 What is a protocolGive three examplesA protocol is a set of rules that define how computers on the Internet are going to communicate with each other different Internet services require different protocolsExamples HTTP HTTPS FTP SFTP etc14 What is the difference between a static and a dynamic web pageA static web page displays exactly the same content textimages every time the page is loadedA dynamic web page displays different content in different situations15 What is a clientWhat is a serverA client is a computer or program that requests an Internet service from a serverA server is a computer of program that provides an Internet service to a client
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