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Criminalization process often begins with the process of stigmatization. Decision by british government to reclassify (cid:498)skunk cannabis(cid:499) as a (cid:498)class b(cid:499) drug demonstrates how a previously ignored or overlooked behavior can come to be stigmatized. Cultural criminology explores links between culture, crime, and crime control in contemporary society. Socio and psych studies back in 60s and 70s attempted to measure relationship b/t media consumption and aggression been in existence in england for years. Suddenly attracted widespread media and public attention , leading to police crackdowns, stiffer sentencing, and calls for new legislative inititiaves to deal with violence were more likely to engage in violent behavior in real life. Studies on (cid:498)media effects(cid:499) suggested that children exposed to a lot of media. Mods and rockers were (cid:884) relatively small, disorganized youth (cid:498)gangs(cid:499) that had the so-called (cid:498)problem(cid:499) Do not necessarily see their behavior as (cid:498)deviant(cid:499), or (cid:498)criminal(cid:499) )ndividuals may come to view themselves as (cid:498)deviant(cid:499) or (cid:498)criminal(cid:499)

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