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CRIM 131
Martin Bouchard

Multiple Choiceencing Identify the choice that best completes the statement or answers the question. 1. The goals of sentencing that focus on the future conduct of the offender are known as: a. retributive goals b. restorative goals c. utilitarian goals d. deterrent goals 2. The sentence where there is a finding of guilt and the offender is given a criminal record, accompanied by a probation order is known as: a. absolute discharge b. suspended sentence c. default sentence d. conditional sentence 3. Statistics on the length of provincial/territorial and federal sentences indicate that: a. the majority of sentences are 31 days or less b. the majority of sentences are two months or less c. only about 4% of sentences are for more than two years d. a and c only 4. Sentences that are amalgamated and served simultaneously by the offender are called: a. intermittent sentences b. concurrent sentences c. consecutive sentences d. amalgamated sentences 5. Research on mandatory minimum sentences (MMSs) has found that these sentences: a. have a significant impact on crime rates b. have a moderate effect on drug-related crimes c. tend to reduce sentencing disparities between judges d. result in more “not guilty” pleas and more crowded prisons 6. Which of the following is not an argument that has been made in support of Section 718.2(e) relating to the sentencing of Aboriginal persons: a. it reduces the levels of Aboriginal criminality b. it represents enlightened sentencing policy c. it encourages the use of restorative justice and traditional practices d. it increases the involvement of Aboriginal communities
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