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CRIM 131
Martin Bouchard

Multiple Choice Identify the choice that best completes the statement or answers the question. Chapter 7: Correctional Institutions 1. The general profile of offenders admitted to federal and provincial/territorial custody includes the following attributes: a. single b. marginally skilled c. disproportionately Black d. all of the above 2. What percentage of federal inmates are required to share space (“double-bunk”)? a. 10% b. 25% c. 40% d. 60% 3. Which of the following strategies is not currently used in an attempt to reduce the spread of HIV/AIDS and Hepatitis B and C in correctional institutions? a. distributing clean needles b. providing condoms c. providing bleach kits d. establishing tattoo parlours 4. Research on correctional officers has found that: a. correctional officers tend to be less punitive and more empathetic than treatment staff b. correctional officers in minimum security facilities tend to hold more favourable attitudes toward offenders c. more positive attitudes tend to be held by older correctional officers d. b and c only 5. The process by which inmates are categorized through the use of various assessment instruments is known as: a. classification b. risk assessment c. typification d. case management 6. Research studies on personal skills training for inmates have found that: a. life skills produce no positive changes in inmate behaviour b. there is no evidence that anger management programs can assist offenders c. cognitive skills programs can be a very successful intervention if appropriately matched with offender needs d. a and c only 7. The principle of correctional treatment which holds that treatment interventions have a greater change of success if they are matched with the risk level of the
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