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CRIM-135 - Exam Study Guide (chapters 7-10)

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CRIM 135
John Ferguson

Final Exam Study GuideCriminology 135 Chapter 7Tort Law Crime and Tort Torts the remedying of private wrongsa wrongful act committed against another individual leading to civil liability harm intentional or negligencecivil lawprivate lawa breach of a legal duty other than under contract with liability for damagesan offence against the private interest of an individual corporation or government Object of torts to compensate victims of either intentional acts or negligent actsOne act can fall under a criminal law and tort law assault Public Wrong Criminal Law Private Wrong Tort Lawdoes not exist to compensate victimsbroader scopepurpose Focuses on compensation of losses for private wrongsgoal is to protect a general community against public interest infringementsdeterrencerehabilitation of offendersNo guilt testing of individual or collective liability OJ Simpson case not guilty beyond reasonable doubt in criminal court successful in civil court for private claims against the familyIntentional Tort in response to the intentional infliction of mental or physical harm to persons or property Negligence in response to the failure of an individual or collectivity to conform to a standard of reasonable caremay be premised upon doing something that a reasonable person would not be expected to do or failure or omission to do something a reasonable person would be expected to do Tort Liabilitybalance of probabilities not reasonable doubt less difficult to find liability in tortno requirement of mens rea evil intention Similarities between CriminalTort Law The Criminal Code defines certain kinds of negligence as criminal1
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