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Terrorism- FINAL cheat sheet

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Simon Fraser University
CRIM 413
Garth Frazer

Terrorism- Israel and Palestine 11/22/2011 2:18:00 PM Why does it matter? Influences everything that happens in the middle east; effecting their daily lives. Golan Heights- occupied by Israel since 1967 2 primary Palestine state areas: Gaza strip, West Bank Talking about all the countries that border around Egypt Jewish people and Judaism almost thought as directly religious its not Ethno-religious group (more cultureism) orientating in the Israelites 12 tribes/ children of Israel Judaism: traditional faith of the Jewish people (they are the chosen people) Tanakh: Hebew bible God revealed is laws and commandments to Moses on Mount Sinai Torah apart of the jewish bible: these are the first 5 books: Genesis, Exodus, Leviticus, Numbers, and Deuteronomy 1552 or 1312 or ??? BCE: The Exodus: story of the Israelites/slaves leaving Egypt by moses god made covenant (an agreement) with the chosen people (Israel) foundational story of the Jews 1150- 1050: The Biblical Judges: after leaving Egypts, 12 tribes under loose confederation, but not recognized leader rough grouping. Biblical judges were the wise men, ppl in community recognized as leaders providing whatever guidance they could 1020-930 BCE: First Kingdom of Israel : 1 of 2 times that Jews found themselves in an independent state (United Monarchy). First 3 kings; Saul David Solomon 930 BCE- Split between Kingdoms of Israel and Judah: they were still jewish areas, remained independent until concurred 722 BCE: Israel conquered by Assyrian Empire 586: Judah conquered by Babylonian Empire (beginning of the Diaspora= the wandering. Jewish having no identifiable homeland) not just a conquering but also an expulsion of Jewish people out of an area in particular Jerusalem 167 BCE: Macabee Revolt: a Jewish rebel army takes control over an area (Judah) over time, they establish the Hasmonean Dynasty 140- 37 BCE: Hasmonean Dynasty: 2 nd time the Jews were able to establish independent state 63 BCE: Syria becomes Roman province: march of the empire. Roman making its presence in that area (as a result of the civil wars) Province: directly administered by Rome State: still had some level of autonomy, as long as you didnt cause Rome grief 37 BCE: Israel becomes Roman client state 6 BCE: Judea incorporated in Roman province of Judaea : directly under Roman rule 66-70: Great Jewish Revolt: Jews trying to overthrow Roman suppressors, defeated. Sacarri were apart of the Jewish Revolt 73: Fall of Masada- mass Sicarii suicide as opposed to being taken over by the Romans that marked the end of the first revolt 132- 135: 2 nd major revolt: Bar Kokhba Revolt: revolt put down but Roman emperor was displeased and renamed Palestine (began as tribal area that was traditionally enemy of the Jews) and Jerusalem and tries to wipe out any influence of Jewish people 638: Arab Muslim conquest of Jerusalem: earliest flash points of hostality between Judaism and Islam 700-1250: Gaonic Era: where there were very few Jews living in Muslim (large chunk of the known world muslims controlled a lot of it) world, jews went to southern Europe and outskirts of Muslim areas history of persecutions and tribulations: by state: bias crimes against, hate crimes against etc 1894- 1906: Dreyfus Affair: French captain accused of treason turns out was Jewish solitary on island.. not guilty.. though French gov concealed it. Affair strongly divided France, which resulted in Anti Semitism (anti- Jewish) Zionism: political movement aimed at having a Jewish only state Herzl: (journalist): leading light in Zionist movement advocating for establishment of Jewish homeland. (need for security within own state for the Jews only way to be safe) 1897: First Zionist Congress convened (Basel- Switzerland): ideas of Zionism is articulated. 1916: British empire suggests to groups of Ottoman (last of large Muslim empire) empire, Brits promised Syria and Lebanon, if Ottomans were defeated, these areas would become independent after the war 1917: Balfour Declaration: allows for recognition of Zionist movement. Which suggest there should be jewish nations in area that is now Palenstine. Deep sense of betrayal for the Arab people said oh you will have a Jewish country in the middle of your Muslim world 1921- 1939: Uprisings in Palestine: everybody unhappy. As result of Balfour, Jews pour into Palestine: UK started saying how many jews were allowed into Palestine. Palestine unhappy because Jews moving in, and Jews unhappy because they arent allowed in. 1922: British Palestinian mandate: who was going to be in power of what. British got mandate for controlling this conquered part of the world. Aftermath of war= beginnings of establishments of Jewish states 1933: Hitler takes over Germany; anti Semitism was well known 1938- 1945: Holocaust 6 million Jews dead around the world: changed the psyche. Became extremely hard for world to ignore Zionism as result of Holocaust 1945- 1948: Post- Holocaust refugee crisis: 1946- 1948: Jewish defense groups (terrorist groups): all extremist groups agitating for jewish states; Irgun. Stern gain Lehi Haganah *most Jewish groups were not in favor of using violence as a means of establishing states, though these 3 groups were 1947: UN Partition Plan: formal lands, will now be established Israel now. Much discussion of natural rights for jewish people to have own rights of owning own area 1948: Declaration of Independence Star of Israel 1948 (NEXT DAY)- Arab- Israeli war 1948- 1956: Palestinian Exodus: important in understanding (refugee crisis) right of return. Wide spread movement of Palestinians moving out of area. Debate whether they were forced out or chose to leave? (late 50s, Palestinians were forced out)
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