Easc 104: Mass Wasting Sample MCQ's Part I

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Earth Sciences
EASC 104
Randal Mindell

REVIEW QUESTIONS Mass Wasting I Answers at the bottom 1 How do the strength and cohesion of clayrich soil change with the addition of water A Water does not affect the cohesion but lowers the strength B Water reduces the strength of clays but raises the cohesion of the soil C Water increases the strength and cohesion D Water lowers the strength and cohesion2 Which statement best describes slumping a mass wasting process A A block or blocks of unconsolidated regolith slide downhill along a curved slip surface B Blocks of hard bedrock rapidly slide downhill along fracture surfaces C The soil and regolith move downhill very slowly D A mass of soil or regolith becomes saturated with water and suddenly flows downhill to the3 Which mass wasting process has the slowest rat
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