Easc 104: Avalanches Sample MCQ's (L13)

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Earth Sciences
EASC 104
Randal Mindell

Review Questions for Snow Avalanches Answers at the bottom1 Point release avalanchesA produce adistinct downslopenarrowing trough B have a near vertical crown C have lateral scarps D produce a distinct downslopewidening trough E occur when a slab of snow slips alongweak layer2 How does hoar form A when the temperature hovers around the freezing point snow that melts during the day refreezes at night B when the air is dry and cold ice crystals grow on the surface of the snowpack C feathershaped snowflakes bond together when they hit the surface of the snowpack D wind carries away unconsolidated snow leaving behind small grooves and needle shaped ice crystals E when the air is wet and cold water vapour transforms directly into ice3 Which of the following structures is designed to allow avalanches to run over a road
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