Easc 104: Tsunami Sample MCQ's (L12)

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Earth Sciences
EASC 104
Randal Mindell

EASC 104 Review Questions Lecture 12 TsunamiAnswers where discreet are at the bottom 1 Which of the following statements about tsunami is false a Tsunami have large wavelengths b Tsunami waves have long periods c Tsunami waves have low frequencies d Tsunami waves have a small wave height in the open ocean e Tsunami periods decrease as they enter shallow water2 Which of the following cannot generate a tsunami a Volcano b Landslide c Impact event d Earthquake along a transform margin e Pyroclastic flow3 Which of the following wave measurements can be calculated from frequency and wavelength a Height b Amplitude c Steepness d Celerity Speed e Water depth4 Which of the following statements about shallow water waves is truea Wa
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