Easc 104: Wildfire Sample MCQ's (L14)

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Simon Fraser University
Earth Sciences
EASC 104
Randal Mindell

EASC 104 Wildfire Review Questions Answers at the bottom1 Ifwas removed from the wildfire system it could not sustain itselfa Oxygen b Fuel c Heat d Any of the above e None of the above 2 Which of the following does not contribute to wildfire conditionsa Wind b Oxygen nebulaec Precipitation d Topography e Plant material susceptibility 3 Which of the following statements about wildfires is false a On average more Canadian forest is lost to annual harvesting in Canada than annual wildfiresb A small number of wildfires is responsible for a large majority of the burnout c Wildfires predate the human species d Wildfire hazards predate the human species e Wildfires can be ignited by lightning4 Production of plan
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