Easc 104: River Flooding Sample MCQ's Part II

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Simon Fraser University
Earth Sciences
EASC 104
Randal Mindell

EASC104 Review Questions RIVER FLOODING Pt II Answers at the bottom1 Ions in sewage and chemical effluent will make up part of a rivers A bed load B suspended load C dissolved load D sliding load E floating load2 Floodplains are usually builtA in the summer B by bedload C at times of overbank flow D by dissolved load E by humans3 A regional flood is characterised by A lots of flooding but little destruction B a large slow rise in discharge at a particular location C a large rapid rise in discharge at a particular location D little or no warning E a rapid rise in discharge at all locations4 Which of the following is not a benefit of dam construction A a reduction in the suspended load of the river
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