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Andrew Blaber

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King, DuBois, Washington •The common school crusade originated in new england, spread rapidly before civil war •after civil war, northern school reformers suggested the school movement from the mid west and north to the south would help the conflict that happened during the war •as the movement increased, the schools gains power •teachers would help the newly freed slaves and other uneducated southerners •but this mission failed •unlike at Massachusetts, teaching in south carolina was difficult •the teachers/reformers were not used to the teaching environment •reformers thought the slaves were not able to handle the common schooling system •so they thought of 'industrial training' •a famous advocate for industrial training, Booker T. Washington, was born as a slave •embraced the Purian ethic as his own: the good christian merited salvation means that material/worldly success came only to those who earn it •basically saying that god rewards industry, perseverence/hardwork, and thrift/saving with material wealth •Washington believed universe is a just order •the christian had salvation, the capitalists had wealth, and negro were fully matured humans •regarding these ^^^, Washington experienced a curriculum •Hampton institute, schools for negros, was found my General SamuelArmstrong •Tuskagee-another industrial education •the ideal negro teacher must serve as a model of moral character for their students •for Negros, industrial education was their salvation •Washington became the principal and was influential to the black and white community •says industrial education is for the blacks and whites •Du Bois, a supportive for Washington, said negros to give up(temporarily): political power, civil they can get higher education •argued that all races have a talented 10 that would and should become docs, lawyers, ministers, business, and community leaders •but for negros, they are denied to achieve in these roles for the future generation •Du Bois' support with the negros resulted in hate from his own white culture •although he's the leader of the black intellectual, he never got recognition of influence like Washington •he wanted a higher education for the negros, not just an industrial education as Washington suggested •argued that once the negros attain a good education, there will be discrimmination •but, after washington's speech, the USAsupreme court legalized segregation of the races (separate yet equal) •he believed that for negroses to attain a high education, they must have equal rights •true. What if they have attended a good qualified education but they can't get a job?Also, even if equal, they are still separated in public schools... •Martin King Luther rejected schooling as negroe's problems •instead, his strategy of nonviolent protest against discrimination educated the white people about inhumanity and absurdity of racial discrimination in USA •“Industrial Education for the Negro, 1903” by Washington •like everyone else, negros must have their mind awakened and strengthened in order for them to be educated •also they must experience the real world to develop their knowledge •but since negros can't have the right to do that, they can't... •I think he is trying to say that negroes should have all the mental strength and culture, and forgetting the
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