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Andrew Blaber

Ch 6 Conflicting Educational visions: The Puritans and Thomas Jefferson •as long as education is under parent's responsibility, this could determine the nature of education to be offered to children under their charge •once, education used to be a societal responsibility •but this lead to conflicts between personal visions of what it means to be educated •this lead to emergence of social visions •leads to comparison between puritans and jefferson about the educational ideas, and how education should play in the society Education for the city on the hill •puritans believed religion and society should both be grounded in the biblical law (merged together) •puritans were not ignorant or anti-intellectual, although harsh and forbidding •learning to read was an absolute necessity since reading the bible was a christian's sacred duty •education, specifically literacy was a religious and civic necessity •they then established a college, harvard college because having education was important for them to create a biblical commonwealth •later, they feared settlers may neglect their parental or societal duty, so in 1642, parents were required to give instruction to their children the readings of Puritans tenets and principle laws of colony •lead to compulsory school law in the USA •this law states that education is more than a family responsibility •so then, the general court of massachusetts bay colony ordered ev
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